Recent Competition Winners.  Congratulations to the authors!

Club Meetings

Due to the Coronavirus, we have cancelled all physical meetings until further notice.  We have a rolling programme in place that will allow you to participate remotely.  Thanks to our Zoom meetings we’re looking forward to the future.  Keep well and safe and keep watching this space.

19th May: Talk by Ross McKelvey MPAGB MFIAP FIPF EFIAP/p FBPE

Since 2010 Ross has been awarded over 300 Medals in National & International Exhibitions, he is the President and founder of Catchlight Camera Club, Belfast and runs a large commercial photographic studio close to the Centre of Belfast. Studio and location Portraiture are his preferred genres and he runs workshops for studio portraiture, natural lighting, and Photoshop.

He regularly gives talks and presentations to camera clubs throughout the UK and Ireland.  In normal times Ross’ talks would feature his work in prints which are produced to the highest standard. Ironically, we have to thank these abnormal times as we were treated to a virtual showing of a selection of his superb fine art photographs followed by a masterclass  in how he produces some of his fabulous images.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable, informative, inspiring and fascinating evening for which we thank Ross very much indeed.


12th May: Virtual Meeting – the challenge explained!

Many thanks to Julia Wainwright for organising another great evening during which she presented more details of our Triptych challenge and gave us ideas and useful sources for our own research.

After a session of audience participation, Alan Colegrave gave a short presentation on how he prepares a triptych using Photoshop including some very useful tips on keystroke shortcuts.

And finally Dave Martin talked through his and his wife Vanessa’s triptychs – all beautifully put together and food for thought.

So grateful thanks to everyone for an informative, stimulating and enjoyable evening.

We’re looking forward to the competition in a couple of weeks’ time and next week’s talk by Ross McKelvey.

Have a good week and stay safe and alert.

5th May: Virtual Club Meeting – led by Julia Wainwright – A new competition challenge revealed!

Many thanks to Julia for hosting last night’s interactive virtual meeting.  Julia has produced our May programme which culminates in another online competition at the end of the month.

Before revealing the competition challenge,  we had feedback on last week’s online competition,  including lessons learned/tips/pitfalls of Flat Lay photography as well as the online judging experience.  Extremely positive on all counts so everyone is looking forward to preparing this month’s competition challenge of producing one or two Triptychs.

Braving the complexities of real-time photo-editing, (brave indeed!) Avril Candler demonstrated how she created a ‘kaleidoscope’ image combining  photos of a dahlia head and  ‘bemused’ butterfly………Some of the techniques shown may well help with the Triptych challenge.  She complemented the demo with a PowerPoint presentation and a short question and answer session at the end.  Avril said “it is a very strange experience – talking into a (muted) sea of hidden faces…………..”

We are on a very steep learning curve – embracing new technology and the vagaries of internet bandwidths!  But at least we are ‘here’ and we are trying!

Thanks again to Julia and to Avril for an enjoyable and informative meeting.