Recent Competition Winners.  Congratulations to the authors!

26th November: Woodland Ways by Paul Mitchell FRPS

We were treated to a wonderful talk by Paul Mitchell whose inspirational images were quite magical. Paul included many useful tips and demonstrated subtle post-processing techniques that will help us to enhance our own work. It was an enchanting evening enjoyed by all.

Member News: Julia Wainwright ARPS MPAGB

Julia gained her MPAGB (masters) award on Sunday 24th November with a score easily exceeding the requirements. MPAGB is described as the very best of amateur photography and requires superb images with meticulous preparation. Well deserved Julia and many congratulations.

19th November: Projected Image Competition #3

Many thanks to Lloyd Moore BPE1 for his judging this evening.

In the Beginners section, Ian Roberts scored 20 and the extra point for “Marabou Stork Taking Off”, 19s for “Red-winged Lark Singing” and “Wildebeest Couple” and 18 for “Zebra Profile”. Congratulations Ian on your successful first monthly competition.

In a high scoring Open section, Dave Martin’s “Beech Trees and Parasol Fungi” was the overall winner and his “Summer Sunset Hitchin” and “Tulip Tarda 2” also scored 20s. 20s went to Judith Gimber for “108” and “Never Forgotten” and Judy Buckley-Sharp’s “Out of Circulation”. Lloyd scored eight images 19 and a further eight 18 points. Many congratulations to Dave and all the high scorers whose images may be viewed on our Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone who participated and special thanks to Lloyd for his judging.