Recent Competition Winners.  Congratulations to the authors!

10th October: “Our Journey Through Printing” a Talk by Judy and Mark Buckley-Sharp

Many thanks to Judy and Mark for an extremely informative and interesting talk last night.  Their journey, illustrated with prints made in the darkroom days through to today’s digitally produced work was fascinating.  In many ways the challenges are very similar often  mirroring some of the pitfalls as well as  triumphs of the past.  We all came away with a better understanding of colour space,  the pros and cons of different paper finishes such as gloss, semi-gloss, art papers, matt etc. and the dilemma of using external print options vs printing our own.

It was a very enjoyable evening and a good pre-cursor to next week’s workshop on how to prepare prints and projected images for competition.

3rd October: Print Competition #1

Our first print competition of the season was judged last night by Les Spitz ARPS. We had a very large number of prints and we thank everyone who contributed to an informative and enjoyable evening.

The Beginners’ section was won by Millie Colegrave, Alan Colegrave’s granddaughter, in her debut competition with a portrait of her friend “Lucy”.  Alan watch out!  Alice Kass scored 18 for “Walking Mud” and Eric Everatt also scored 18 for “The Lock” and “Two Buildings”.

In the very high scoring Open (promoted) section, Judith Gimber got first of the night with “Cleaning the Fish” and also scored an 18 for “Richmond Park First Light”.  Les gave 20s to Julia Wainwright’s “Osprey Displaying its Wings” (second), Alan Graham’s “Rolling Hills at Sunrise” (third) and Judy Buckley-Sharp’s “Bronze Curves”.  19s went to Frank Woods (who joined us recently) for ” Canal Abstract”, Peter Polkinghorne’s “Overtaking”, Ron Churchill’s “Towards Fort William”,  “Osprey with Catch” and “Silver-Studded Blue on Heather” by Julia Wainwright, “Reggie” by John Draper and Avril Candler’s “Female Anna’s Hummingbird”. Les awarded a further twelve 18s – it was quite a night!

Congratulations to Millie and Judith and to everyone who entered and came along to support the evening.  Special thanks to Les Spitz for his generous commentary and marks.

26th September: Annual Set Subject Print and Projected Competition

Our judge last night was Alan Copeland LRPS APAGB.  Members are allowed two prints and two projected images each.  This year our Print set subject of  “Sunrise/Sunset” was perhaps a more traditional challenge than the Projected subject of  “Holiday Snaps” –  open to interpretation and more of a challenge for the judge!  Alan provided helpful commentary and advice on all the prints and projected images before choosing his winners.

Congratulations go to Dave Martin for winning the Print Trophy with “Sunset Over Headon Warren”; Dave also took second place with “Watching The Sun Go Down”;  “Stormy Sunset” by Avril Candler was third, with Highly Commended going to John Draper for “Sunset over Brighton” and Julia Wainwright’s “Sunset Over Flaty Iceland”.  There were more sunsets than sunrises – not many early risers!

In the Projected Competition congratulations go to John Draper for winning the Projected Trophy with “Wish You Were Here”; Jenny Sykes’ “Strolling and Relaxing” was second and John also took third place with “No One On The Beach Today”. Alan gave three images Highly Commended and these were “Jill at Lake Minnewanka” by Peter Polkinghorne, Dave Martin’s  “Man’s Best Friend” and  “Checking the Rules” by Julia Wainwright.

Thanks to Alan Copeland and to everyone who supported and contributed to an informative and entertaining evening.