Recent Competition Winners.  Congratulations to the authors!

16th April: Annual Nature Print and Projected Competition

Last night’s competition was judged by Ron Tear, MPAGB ARPS PSA3 BPE5. Ron gave knowledgeable, interesting and helpful comments across both competitions.

The Print trophy was awarded to Julia Wainwright for “King Penguin Conversation” and she claimed second place with “Bald Eagle Walking on the Snow” with Dave Martin’s “Chalkhill Blues Resting” in third place. Ron Churchill’s “Bath Time”, Judith Gimber’s “Blue Heron Triptych” and Avril Candler’s “Emperor Tamarin Monkey” were highly commended.

The Projected trophy was won by Judith for ” The Rivals” with Julia’s “Strength and Vulnerability” and “Majestic Backlit Gelada Baboon” second and third place respectively. John Draper’s “Grey Seal Pup”, Dave’s “Brown Tail Moth Caterpillar”, Judith’s “Angry Bird (Red-winged Black Bird)” and Avril’s “Stoned Crow” were all highly commended.

As ever, congratulations to the winners and many thanks to everyone who entered and supported the evening. Our special thanks to Ron whose expertise was greatly appreciated.

Images may be seen on our Flickr and Facebook pages.

9th April: Print Competition #4

Lloyd Moore gave an excellent judging in last night’s competition in which there was a very wide array of subject matter including creative approaches.

In the Beginners‘ section, Barry Sampson’s “Brexit” scored 20 plus the extra mark and 19 for “The Old Wreck”; Simon Shindler also scored 19 for “Its a Dogs Dinner”. Congratulations to them both.

Open section: Julia Wainwright took first and second place with “Sunset Over Ubien Bridge Mayanmar” and “Strutting Bald Eagle” respectively. Judith Gimber’s “Ancient and Modern” was third. 19s were scored by Ron Churchill, Judith Gimber, Dave Martin, Judy and Mark Buckley-Sharp. 18s went to Alice Kass, Julia, Dave, and John Draper. Well done all.

Many thanks to all who supported the evening and to Lloyd for his in depth feedback on all images re composition, technical aspects, colour casts, paper used for printing and quality of mounts.

Top scoring images may be viewed on our Flickr and Facebook pages.

2nd April: Members’ Presentations on their Photographic Journey

We were treated to four excellent talks last night by Peter Polkinghorne, Trevor Alexander, Alan Graham and Judith Gimber.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, covering philosophical thinking – the importance of capturing memories, current influences impact on subject matter, creating photo opportunities, software, camera equipment/progression from film to DSLRs and so on. Each presentation was peppered with images illustrating the start of camera club photography and the progression to now. Our presenters were happy to take questions and the interaction was great.

So much hard work and time went into the presentations and it was much appreciated by the audience. A request for more please!