15th January 2019: Projected Competition #3

Welcoming in the New Year with last night’s competition which was judged with helpful commentary by Paul Burwood.

The Beginners’ section was won by new member Kim Russell for “City Reflections” which scored 20 and the extra point. Kim also scored 19 for “Looking Up”. Congratulations to Kim – a great result in her first competition.

In the Open section 20s were awarded to Dave Martin for “Surfers at Wollocombe Beach at Sundown”, to John Draper for “The Bench” and Julia Wainwright for “Helping out in the Kitchen” and “Squabbling Bald Eagles” which was the overall winning image. 19s went to Dave for “Baldock Sunrise” and “Parasol Fungi”, to John for “The Wild Bunch” and Julia for “Lighting the Force of Darkness” and “Red Fox – Hunter or Hunted”. All these images and those scoring 18 can be seen on our Flickr page. Congratulations to the high scorers and thanks to everyone who entered the competition.

Special thanks to Paul Burwood for his thorough critiques.