12th October: An Evening with Guest Speaker Chris Shepherd – Looking Local

“As photographers we often suffer from Locational Myopia constantly wishing we were in some exotic location” Chris Shepherd

Many thanks to Chris for his inspiring talk last night.  Chris took us on his personal journey in photography, sharing his approach and philosophy with which he produces his wonderful images.   We journeyed with him from his local Roding Valley Nature Reserve and rural surrounds to the Essex coastal areas – a visual feast peppered with historical and technical information and amusing anecdotes.   Chris returns to his favourite locations through the seasons dealing with the challenges that weather and changing light can bring.   With Epping Forest almost on his doorstep Chris alluded to a quote from David Ward’s book – ‘when shooting woodland be aware of the three C’s – Chaos, Contrast, and Complexity’ – undoubtedly applicable to more than just woodland.

Chris’ mantra is “Take a look, look again and again. Make the most of what is there.”  And if ‘there’ is the garden, outside the front door, rural, coastal or urban opportunity,  that is very good advice.

Once again, thank you Chris for a stimulating and enjoyable evening.


Thanks to everyone who came along to support the evening and enjoy Chris’ talk.

We look forward to next week’s print competition, the first of the season, judged by Martin Patten at the Guide Headquarters.