Annual Projected Set of up to Seven Images on 30th October – Members’ Guidance Notes

With our annual competition  just over two weeks away, here are some guidance notes:-

  • Members may enter one set containing up to 7 images with a common theme, event or story.  Seven is the maximum number – three the minimum.
  • The images in the collection will be displayed individually but will be judged as a coherent set.  No marks are awarded.  The judge will provide commentary on each set before selecting the trophy winner.
  • Ensure your images are shown in the desired order by numbering them 01 etc. (titles are optional.) Place the images in a clearly titled folder.
  • Usual submission method – preferably via WeTransfer to the collator (Avril) – deadline as usual – Thursday latest before competition date (25th October)

Please note the preferred size for all projected images is now: 1600 pixels width by maximum 1200 pixels height.

Lots of scope for a great evening!