How to Prepare Images for Competition

Please find below details on how to prepare and submit digital and print images for competition.

1. Digital Images

In summary, to prepare your images for our digitally projected competitions there are three things you need to do:

  1. Ensure your image is sized and named correctly.
  2. Collate and compress your entry on your desktop computer 
  3. Submit your images via file transfer by 23:59 on the Tuesday the week before the competition

A pdf of these instructions can be found here: Electronic Submission of Digital Entries 

Size and Name Your Images

  • Open the image file
  • Select Image > Resize > Image Size (in Elements) or Image > Image Size (in Photoshop CS) to display a dialogue box
  • Ensure that all the following boxes are checked: Scale Styles, Constrain Proportions and Resample Image
  • Ensure that Resample Image is set to Bicubic
  • If the image has not been previously resized then the Resolution shown in the Document Size box will probably be 72 pixels/inch (standard for most cameras), but even if it isn’t, there is no need to adjust the resolution
  • For Portrait format, change the Height only to 1200 pixels
  • For Landscape format, change the Width to 1600 pixels. If the resultant Height is greater than 1200 pixels, change it back to 1200
  • Click OK to resize the image
  • Select: File > Save As, to display a dialog box and browse to the folder for the ‘Save In’ box
  • Save the image in JPEG format – TITLE by Author (e.g. ANOTHER ROBIN by Avril Candler) – maximum quality, baseline (Standard). N.B. If the image title has the word “by” in it, use “By” (with the “B” in UPPER case, where it appears in the title).

Collate and compress your entry

  • Collect all of your properly sized image files in one folder for the event in the usual way
  • Add a text file listing the entries and the section (if any) that they are for.
  • Give the folder a name which will be understandable to the collator.
  • Compress the folder into zip format.
    • To do this, right click on the folder, choose ‘Send to…’, and choose ‘Compressed (zipped) folder’. The zip file will appear alongside the original folder.

Submit your entry

You must use a file transfer service and MUST NOT send an ordinary email with attachments.  Although wetransfer is the preferred file transfer service, there are others available such as, pCloud; transfernow; Filemail; mailbigfile.

  • In your internet browser type the file transfer service address, e.g. and select the free version.
  • Use ‘+’ to add your zip file. 
  • In ‘Email to’ enter
  • In ‘Your email’ enter your email address.
  • The ‘Message’ box can be used for a short description or other comment.
  • Click on ‘Transfer’.

What Happens next?

  • Your zip file is uploaded to the wetransfer server.
  • wetransfer sends an e-mail alert to both the collator youself, with a coded link to the zip file.
  • The collator downloads the zip file and adds your images to the competition.
  • The collator for the competition will confirm safe receipt of your images.
  • The zip file is deleted from the server after a few days.

2. Printed Images

  • Prints must be mounted but not glazed or framed.  A mount size of 50x40cm is recommended but any size not smaller than 230 (35 sq.inch. eg 7×5”) is acceptable.
  • A Label must be attached to the back of each print showing the name of the member and other details.  The member’s name must not appear on the front of the print or mount.  Prints must have a title, which may appear on the back or front of the mount.  A page of Print Labels can be found here.
  • Prints must be presented by 7.50pm on the competition date.
  • Print authors should send the collator jpegs of their prints, either in advance or immediately after each competition (monthly or annual). Images should be in the PDI format and may be used for our  website/Flickr.  These images will be saved on the club laptop to aid inter-club/external selections and act as visual record of the images to avoid rule conflicts or mistakes.