How to Prepare Images for Competition

Please find below details on how to prepare and submit digital and print images for competition.

  • Prints must be presented by 7.50pm on the competition date. A JPEG version of the print, prepared as in rule 5, must be sent no later than 5 days (Thursday) before the competition date.
  • Projected image files must be deposited, with a list of the entries categorised by Section (rule 7), by 5 days (Thursday) before the competition date.
  • As a condition of entry, the member consents to the retention of information for the purposes of calculating and publishing promotions and awards.

1. Digital Images

The closing date for receipt of entries is 23.59 on the Thursday before the competition and your submission must be sent to: using a file transfer service.

Sizing Images

The Mode must be RGB, even for monochrome images and the Colour Space (profile) must be sRGB. The maximum image size is width 1600 pixels, height 1200 pixels. The image must be saved in the JPEG file type, quality level of 10 (80%) or a maximum file size of 2Mb. Unless otherwise advised, the file name format must be TITLE by Author.  n.b. the ‘by’ between TITLE and Author must be in lower case.

Preparing the entry:

  • Collect all your image files in one folder for the event in the usual way and add a text file listing the entries and the section, if any, they are for.
  • Give the folder a name which will be understandable to the recipient.
  • Compress the folder into zip format. To do this, right click on the folder, choose ‘Send to…’  and choose ‘Compressed (zipped) folder’. The zip file will appear alongside the original folder. This folder should be named with the author and competition details.

Sending the entry:
You should use a file transfer service and should not send an ordinary email with attachments. Although WeTransfer is the preferred file transfer service, there are others available such as, pCloud; transfernow; Filemail; mailbigfile.

  • In your internet browser, type the address, e.g. and select the free version.
  • Use ‘+’ to add your zip file.
  • In ‘Email to’ enter
  • In ‘Your email’ enter your email address.
  • ‘Message’ can be used as a short description of the event or other comment.
  • Click on ‘Transfer’.

What Happens?

  • Your zip file is uploaded to the WeTransfer server.
  • WeTransfer sends an email alert to the collator, and back to you, with a coded link to the zip file.
  • The collator downloads the zip file and adds your images to the competition.
  • The collator for the competition will confirm safe receipt of your images.
  • The zip file is deleted from the server after a few days.

2. Printed Images


  • Prints may be of any size but not smaller than 230 (35 sq.inch. eg 7×5”).
  • They must be mounted but not glazed or framed: a mount size of 50x40cm is recommended.
  • Labels will be provided and one of these must be attached to the back of each print showing the name of the member and other details.  A page of Print Labels for home printing can be found here.
  • The name of the member must not appear on the front of the print or mount. Prints must have a title, which may appear on the back or front of the mount.