Recent Competition Winners.  Congratulations to the authors!

Club Meetings

Due to the Coronavirus, we have cancelled all physical meetings until further notice.  We have a rolling programme in place that will allow you to participate remotely.  Thanks to our Zoom meetings we’re looking forward to the future.  Keep well and safe and keep watching this space.

15th September: Talk by Ian Boulton – “EACH TO HIS OWN WAY, I’LL GO MINE”

Last night we thoroughly enjoyed an evening with Street Photographer, Ian Boulton.   Over the years, Ian has perfected the art of story telling through his lens, capturing life on the streets with gentle, strong, emotional, quirky and humorous images.  He does this with minimal intrusion or interaction with people by using an unobtrusive small digital camera – producing powerful images that stay with the viewer.

In these strained times, he is accumulating a social history of life during Covid-19.   Hopefully he will be documenting life after Covid-19 in the very near future!

Very many thanks Ian for opening our eyes to the world of street photography and for an informative and entertaining evening.

8th September: Summer Projects – Show and Tell

We started our 20/21 season with the first of our ‘Show and Tell’ sessions by members who rose to the challenge of using the Summer break to undertake a short-term photography project.  Last night we had presentations from Mark and Judy Buckley-Sharp, Alan Colegrave, George Demetriou, Peter Keeble and Peter Polkinghorne.

It was great to see how the lock-down programme has inspired members to try something new to them, show their thought processes/plans, successes and failures.

From Mark we heard about his summer workload for the CACC,  PGAB and latterly HCC  – not strictly to brief, but we forgive him!  Judy took us through a day in the life of Stratford post-Olympics and her love of street photography.

Alan demonstrated his search for the perfect poster for an up-coming film he is making and he included some video clips along the way.

Back on brief, George presented his focus and exposure merging projects, taking us through each step with visuals including his learning curve of failure and his very satisfying successes.

Peter Keeble chose to explore ‘interiors’ presenting his planning process, pitfalls and tips interspersed with his images.  He also  demonstrated  two important lessons: tidiness helps and avoid over-exposed windows – his study has benefited from this project!

Peter Polkinghorne’s project(s) were “Triptychs with colour harmony” using for example architectural details, and an attempt at “Astrophotography”.    Again we were led through his planning and image processing, for each of his  three examples……. ‘aircraft roundels’, ‘doors’ and ‘windows’.  In each subject,  colour harmony played an important part and his ‘Triptych Lessons’ completed his presentation – but the project will continue.  Finally Peter’s brief foray into ‘astrophotography’ has led him to want to take it further – more research which we hope will lead to future success.

Very many thanks to all our contributors who made our first meeting so interesting, entertaining and informative.  We look forward to the second ‘Show and Tell’ in October.

Next week we have a talk on street photography by Ian Boulton.

In the meantime, stay safe and well and hope to see you next week.

1st September: Almost there………

After last week’s pre-season virtual get-together we’re looking forward to next Tuesday and the start of 20/21 club year.

Our varied programme is in place until the end of the year.    Plans are being made for 2021 with  built-in flexibility so we’ll be ready for a return to ‘normality’ – whatever and whenever that is!

We always welcome the opportunity to meet new members so do contact us if you are interested in joining our club – our offer of three free visits still apply in our current virtual world.

Stay safe and well and hope to see you soon.