Recent Competition Winners.  Congratulations to the authors!

25th August: Informal Virtual Get-together

Last night’s informal get-together was great, finding out how everyone is and hearing about some of the ideas and progress with the summer project many are working on.  We look forward to  our first of the season meetings on 8th September and the first sets of  finished/on-going projects’ presentations.

In the meantime enjoy the rest of the ‘holiday’!

28th July: Annual General Meeting

Our well-attended Annual General Meeting via Zoom ends the 2019/20 season.  The formal business concluded with the election of the new committee and we welcome Mark Buckley-Sharp to the team.    Paul Martin handed the baton of  Chairman (after four years he deserves a break!) to Trevor Alexander.   It has certainly been an extraordinary few months and we look forward to 2020/21 with all the challenges it may bring.

And talking of ‘challenges’ our Summer Challenge was launched, together with highlights of next season’s programme.

We all look forward to 8th September and our first virtual meeting of the new club year.

Enjoy August, stay safe and well.

21st July: On-Line Challenge #4 – Importance of Colour Competition – judged by Amanda Wright

Many thanks to Amanda Wright for judging our last competition of our 2019/20 year.

Thanks to everyone who entered and made such an enjoyable and very colourful evening – an ‘extravaganza’ in fact.   Amanda, whose art background made her a perfect judge,  analysed the images against the six commonly used colour harmonies. as she sympathetically and informatively critiqued each image.

Congratulations go to Dave Martin for his winning image  “Golden Eyes”and also his “Parrot Tulip” which came third;  Julia Wainwright’s “Juvenile Great Tit with Lavender” was second.  Judith Gimber’s “Blue Water Lily” and “Gazania Flower” were highly commended as was “Hebe” by Avril Candler.

All the entries may be seen on our Facebook page.

We have had a fantastic response to each of our four on-line challenges and we thank everyone for contributing to all our virtual meetings over the last few difficult months. We are holding our AGM (members only) next week and we will be setting out our plans for the rest of the calendar year.  More news will follow during the summer as we go forward – word of the day is ‘flexibility’!

As ever, stay safe and well.