Digital Image Preparation

In order to prepare your images for our digitally projected competitions there are three things you need to do:

  • Ensure your image is the right size
  • Save your image as the right type of file and with the right name.
  • Submit your images to the collator a week before the competition

Resizing and Saving

  1. Open the image file
  2. Select Image > Resize > Image Size (in Elements) or Image > Image Size (in Photoshop CS) to display a dialogue box
  3. Ensure that all the following boxes are checked: Scale Styles, Constrain Proportions and Resample Image
  4. Ensure that Resample Image is set to Bicubic
  5. If the image has not been previously resized then the Resolution shown in the Document Size box will probably be 72 pixels/inch (standard for most cameras), but even if it isn’t, there is no need to adjust the resolution
  6. For Portrait format, change the Height only to 1200 pixels
  7. For Landscape format, change the Width to 1600 pixels. If the resultant Height is greater than 1200 pixels, change it back to 1200
  8. Click OK to resize the image
  9. Select: File > Save As, to display a dialog box and browse to the folder for the ‘Save In’ box
  10. Save the image in JPEG format – TITLE by Author (e.g. ANOTHER ROBIN by Avril Candler) – maximum quality, baseline (Standard). N.B. If the image title has the word “by” in it, use “By” (with the “B” in UPPER case, where it appears in the title).

Submitting the Image

Full details on how to submit your images electronically can be found here

Printed Image Preparation

Details on how to prepare Prints for competition are given in the club handbook which can be found here.

A page of Print Labels can be found here.