Recent Competition Winners.  Congratulations to the authors!

22nd October: Talk by Rojer Weightman

Our thanks to Rojer who presented a fascinating talk entitled “Still Life, Allegory, Vanitas and Memento Mori, reflecting his passion for 17th century paintings which he enjoys emulating in some of his photography. It was a very interesting and informative evening with helpful tips along the way.

Thanks again to Rojer and to everyone who came along to the enjoyable evening.

15th October: Projected Image Competition #2

This evening’s competition was judged by Cat Humphries and we gave her quite a task with the number and quality of the entries.

The Beginners‘ section was won by George Demetriou with “Give Us A Kiss” and he scored 18 for “Happy Bunny”; Mike Kass scored 19 for “Vertical Curve” and 18 for “Through The Window” – congratulations to them both.

In the Open (Promoted) section just under 50% of the images scored 18 or above – too many to mention by name here but all the high scoring images may be seen on our Facebook page. Cat gave six images 20s with Julia Wainwright’s “White Horse Bowing” gaining the extra point to win overall – the other five were Judith Gimber’s “Focus on the Finish” and “Bedding for the Burrow”, Avril Candler’s “Mallard Female” and “Upstanding” and John Draper’s “Grey Seals Enjoying the Sun”. Congratulations to Julia and to all the high scorers.

Many thanks to everyone who entered and who came along to give support. Special thanks to Cat Humphries for her judging and contributing to a very enjoyable evening.

Don’t forget to check out the images on our Facebook page.

1st October: Annual Projected People/Portraits and Set Subject

Torrential rain, flooding and generally dreadful driving conditions did not stop our judge Terry Coffey from making the journey on time for which we were very grateful – almost above and beyond!

The People and Portraits trophy was won by Judith Gimber with “Beggar Women” – many congratulations to her. “Hallebell Martin” by Dave Martin was second and “Friends Ladakh” by Alan Colegrave third. Judy Buckley-Sharp’s “Fun in White Feathers” and “I’m Here to Help You” and Alan Colegrave’s “Colour Fun Run” were highly commended.

Terry then had to switch gear to judge our set subject which this year was “Film Titles”. Congratulations go to Peter Keeble who won the trophy with “Metropolis”. Second was Alan Graham’s “Pretty Woman” with Alan Colegrave’s “Some Days Are Special” third. Highly commended were “Gorillas in the Mist” by Avril Candler, “Lights Out” by Alice Kass and “Wing and a Prayer” by Mike Kass.

Very many thanks to Terry for his judging and for braving the weather and to everyone who also braved the weather!

All twelve images will be on view on Facebook.