2nd February: Show and Tell – Low Light Projects

Last night we had four excellent members’ presentations detailing progress with their low light projects;  these follow on from our low light workshop back in December.    Very many thanks to Sanjay Mistry, Peter Polkinghorne, Ian Roberts and Trevor Alexander for their detailed, informative and entertaining presentations that covered for example, enhancing a monitor to ensure consistent lighting ambience, camera equipment, setup, props, successful images and the other kind!

We were also treated to Julia Wainwright and Ian Roberts’  ‘Lockdown with the Starlings’ Project which included some behind the scenes information on the setups and of course some great starling images.

The evening was rounded off with a fun critique session we called ‘judging the judges’……..

Thanks to everyone for a thoroughly entertaining, enjoyable and inspirational evening.  Special thanks to our presenters, we really appreciate the hard work and time that goes into our members’ evenings.

We look forward to next week’s online open competition which will be judged by Darren Brown from Bangor, County Down.