20th April: Home Photography in Lockdown – talk by Justin Garner

Last night’s talk on home photography during lockdown illustrated Justin’s passion for photography and his ingenuity in constructing cost-effective ‘set-ups’ to achieve his vision. Justin has a number of awards to his name including Winner Of Outdoor Photographer Of The Year Small World Category 2017; Runner Up In Flowers & Plants Competition For Outdoor Photography Magazine Autumn 2017; Shortlisted For Outdoor Photographer Of The Year 2017 so to see his ‘behind the scenes’ work and thought processes was stimulating.  His project ideas incorporated documenting things that were happening around, ‘look and see’ what is close by.  Seeing his images across a plethora of genres gave us lots of food for thought as well as phrases like “fascination with something makes you think and use things in a different way – just being creative really”.

Many thanks to Justin for an inspiring and informative talk and a thoroughly enjoyable evening.