7th December: “Echoes of Silence” – Talk by Graham Harries

Many thanks to Graham Harries for his moving and thought-provoking talk “Echoes of Silence” – recording Chernobyl, thirty-five years on from the devastating explosion in Reactor No. 4 and the radiation fallout.  Although a sombre subject,  Graham’s poignant images and knowledgeable commentary were absorbing.  For the people living and working in the exclusion zone life is harsh;  but Graham found beauty amongst the bleakness and crumbling buildings, (some still with mosaics and stained-glass intact)  both in his trip taken in wintry March 2018 and his recent visit in autumn 2019.  Nature is reviving,  trees bathed in autumn colours and wildlife thriving even in the radiated countryside.

The talk certainly makes us all realise just how fortunate we are.


This is our final meeting of 2021.

Season’s Greetings and best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year.  We look forward to seeing you in January.