Who Can Join

Membership is open to anyone interested in Photography, wishing to participate in Club events and develop their skills

How To Join

Anyone interested in joining the Club is welcome to come to any meeting. You get 3 free visits  to sample the activities, helping you decide whether to join. During your visits, we will explain the aims of the Club and the content of our programme.

New Members

Once you join, we will help you participate effectively in Club events and build the skills and confidence to show your own photographs.

Membership Fees (Sep-23 to Jul-24)

Adult £45 Subscriptions are payable after the Annual General Meeting or when joining at any time. Reduction if joining later in the year.

If you are entering Competitions then you must be a paid up member before entering.

Usuaully attendance charge of £1 for each Meeting, but waived for this season.

Junior Membership (at discretion of Committee) £5 Junior membership means under 18 years old, and requires that an adult member has also joined  and will always attend with the junior member. The adult member will pay the attendance charge  while the junior member will not.