4th January: Members Evening led by Mark Buckley-Sharp ARPS(Hon) CPAGB HonPAGB.

Very many thanks to Mark for leading our first meeting of 2022 with an interactive critique using images from a previous Chilterns Hundred competition, followed in the second half,  with a selection from last year’s CACC Mobile Photography competition.

We were briefed to think about each image based on quality, imaginative/creativity and impact as it appeared on screen and score  – 2 (bad), 3 (okay) or 4 (good) before we discussed each one in turn.  This threw up a number of  issues such as improving composition with a different crop, removing extraneous artefacts or converting to monochrome.

As we repeated the exercise with the Mobile Photography images Mark explained the limitations/technical issues around phone camera sensors, compression (banding) and pixilation that post-processing cannot always overcome.

It was a fun and informative evening and leaves us with a helpful way of assessing our own images with a critical eye – we may even believe we have a 5 – whatever a judge may think!

Next week we host a Rosebowl round between Oxford, Park Street, Wantage and ourselves.

In the meantime, have a good week and keep safe.