Open Projected Trophy

The Open Projected Trophy consists of 6 rounds of competitions spread throughout the competition year.  Members are invited to submit their digital images for projection and review by a judge on the evening.

Points awarded on the evening are accumulated by each member (Promoted members only) throughout the year and the Trophy is awarded to the member gaining the most points at the end of the season for his or her 10 highest scoring projected images.

Format of Competition

Entries are Open subject i.e. any subject matter, genre or style.  There are 2 classes of competition, one for Beginners and one for Promoted Members.

Members supply a suitably prepared digital image file and the images are projected onto a screen.

This competition is judged by an external accredited judge who provides commentary on the images and awards up to a maximum of 20 points for each entry, using whole marks only.

After scoring each Section, the judge awards an extra ONE point for 1st place to an entry chosen from those with the highest scores.

How to Enter

Each member may enter up to FOUR images.

Projected image files must be submitted a minimum of 5 days (Thursday) before the competition date.

Electronic transfer – images should be placed in a single folder which is then compressed to a zip file and emailed to  using wetransfer  (see ‘Further Information’ section below)

As a condition of entry, the member consents to the retention of  information for the purposes of calculating and publishing promotions and awards.

Further Information

Full details of how to prepare and submit images are given here.