CACC Projected Championship

The CACC Projected Championship is an annual competition that takes place in March. It is run by the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs and used to determine which two winning clubs will represent the CACC in the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) National Inter-Club Projected Championship that take place in Warwick University, Coventry in July.

Format of Competition

Clubs enter 15 images (no more than 3 per author), with no more than 3 Nature images overall.

Individual Awards – The Best Projected Image Cup and winner’s certificate are awarded to the author of the image chosen collectively by all the judges. Judge’s Choice Certificates are awarded for the images chosen by each judge individually.

Club Awards – The Wycombe Cameras Cup and winner’s certificate and a runner-up certificate are awarded to clubs based on overall scores for the set of images.

How to Enter

Entry is at Club Level and our entries are selected from a pool of club images previously chosen by the Selection Committee.

Further Information

This competition is organised by the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs (CACC) and takes place on CACC Championship Day in March.

Further details are available from the CACC website.