Print and Projected Image of the Year Trophies

In this competition it is expected that images already presented in internal competitions during the season will be shown again.  The Print of the Year and Projected of the Year Trophies are for prints and for projected images respectively.

Format of Competition

This competition is judged by an external acredited judge.  No marks are given, although the judge will provide commentary before selecting an overall Trophy winner for each format (Print and Projected).

How to Enter

A member may enter up to TWO prints and TWO projected images, chosen from those already entered in any section of the Monthly competitions of the same year (October-September).

The normal rules for preparation and submission of Monthly Open Competitions apply equally to this competition.

Further Information

Whilst the choice of images to be entered is at the discretion of the member, we would particularly encourage the re-entry of images that have been placed, highly commended or commended during the season.

Full details on how to prepare images for competition are given here.