Overview of Internal Competitions

Our Competition Year runs from 1st October through to 30th September.

Every member is entitled to enter whether they are new or experienced photographers.  Entering competitions is entirely optional.  Some people find competing helps them to improve their photography more quickly because they listen harder to the judges’ critiques, not only of their own work, but everyone else’s too.

Competitions are judged by an external judge, from The Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs (CACC) or other Associations within reasonable travelling distance.

A link to the full competition rules can be found here but some important points to note are:

  • Images must be entirely the work of the member.
  • Composite images are permitted provided all component images meet this requirement.
  • Actions which do not alter the image may optionally be performed on the member’s instructions by another person or organisation. These include e.g., the processing of film materials; the making or mounting of prints; and digital copying of images.
  • Images previously entered in a Monthly competition may be entered in an Annual competition.
  • Images previously entered in an Annual competition may be entered in a Monthly competition.

Monthly Competitions

The club holds monthly competitions and there are three trophies to compete for over the course of the year:

Open Print Trophy Print Link to Latest Results
Open Projected Trophy Projected Link to Latest Results
Portrait and People Trophy Print and Projected Link to Latest Results

The member gaining the most points for his or her 10 highest scoring entries will hold the trophy for one year.  Trophies are presented at the Annual Awards Event held in October.

The monthly competitions are split into two classes, Beginners and Promoted; promotion is achieved by one of the following means:

  1. Obtaining 200 points in either Print or Projected monthly competitions (but not a combination) OR
  2. A portfolio review by the Selection Committee OR
  3. Achieving appropriate Photographic qualifications

Full details can be found in the competition rules.

Annual Competitions

There are annual competitions for the following trophies:

Image of the Year Print and Projected
Landscape Trophies (Ron Norman Memorial) Print and Projected
Monochrome Trophies Print and Projected  Link to latest results
Set Subject Trophies Print and Projected
Panel of Prints Print
Panel of Projected Images Projected  Link to latest results
Small Panel of Prints (John King Trophy) Print
Nature Trophy Projected

There are no classes within Annual competitions: Beginners and Promoted enter together.

In addition to the trophies awarded to competition winners, Certificates of Merit are awarded to members scoring 190 points or more.